Papalum Varurung – Work Together

Wuwung Vargil (You Give Me Something and I Give You Something Back), Eddy Carroll & Lisa Hilli 2016

In 2015 I undertook a collaborative artist residency with Eddy Carroll. It was the first joint artist residency hosted by the Australian Tapestry Workshop (ATW) located in Melbourne.

Eddy makes soft sculptures and explores themes of mythology, the female body, emotional resonance and the language of textiles through methods of embroidery, beading and photography. I didn’t know who Eddy was until she sent me an email. At the time, Eddy was based in Burma. She was in the process of undertaking various artist residencies across the world for 12 months as a commitment to her practice. The invitation to join her for an arts residency in Şile Turkey was by far one of the most unexpected blessings to be wished upon my arts journey. Şile is a coastal town north east of Istanbul. Şile historically is known for Bezi cotton fabric . Eddy said she was drawn to my work as there was an enquiry in what I was doing. This was a moment when the right people come into your life at the right time.

Amulet to The 40 Rules of Love. Eddy Carroll 2013. Aida cloth, embroidery thread, beads and sequins, polypropylene. One of 40 hand / eye pieces Eddy made in her 40th year of life.

Turkey never happened, due to political instability relating to Egypt at the time, but a year later I got to meet the woman who invited me to travel to Şile. After getting to know Eddy I suggested we apply to do a joint residency at ATW. Doing the residency with Eddy was about creating a space for each of us to observe each other’s way of working and talking through ideas and the language of materiality. I learned so much from Eddy during this time as well as the quiet perseverance of the Tapestry Weavers. The ATW is a space that’s calm yet so stimulating with colour and mostly women working away at the looms. I began to understand Eddy’s Instagram handle Of Wild Patience.

Papalum Varurung Work Together, Eddy Carroll & Lisa Hilli 2015.

Artist Talk

At the conclusion of our residency Eddy & I gave an artist talk of our individual practices and why we wanted to Papalum Vururung – work together. At the time of our residency, Eddy was working on a series of pots inspired by the poetry of Sappho and working with Iranian photographer Ali Lamei. I was experimenting and working through creative ideas relating to historic body adornment held in museums as part of my Masters of Fine Art research at RMIT University.

You can view Eddy Carroll’s work here –

ATW AIR Exhibition 2016

Every year the Australian Tapestry Workshop exhibits the work of all artists in residence from the previous year. Eddy and I made the work Wuwung Vargil (You Give Me Something and I Give You Something Back) together as an outcome of the residency. All photos ©Jeremy Weihrauch

Spending time with Eddy in the beautiful environment of the Australian Tapestry Workshop was a treasured experience and solidified a beautiful supportive working relationship that I continue to have with her. I highly recommend going to visit the Australian Tapestry Workshop and programed exhibitions events.

Previous and current Australian Tapestry Workshop Artist in Residence profiles can be viewed here

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