Suomi Summer Solstice

After my first nights sleep on the island of Suomenlinna, I awoke to the sounds of seagulls flying above, smaller birds chirping away and later the sounds of gandering geese that often gathered in our communal outdoor social space. After eating breakfast I walked around the islands and drank in the smell of the fragrant purple and white flowers that were bursting with colour and fragrance. I felt like I was in a summer wonderland, surrounded by the sea. The 18th century buildings of Swedish and Russian architecture and cobble stone pathways made this Sea Fortress a UNESCO cultural world heritage site. My 10 year old son was in military history heaven. I asked Ngatia what he remembers most about the Fortress of Finland which we lived in. His response. Geese. Not the K Market, not the eight museums including an old Finnish submarine, the hissing Grey geese.

Papalum Varurung – Work Together

The email, an invitation to join her for an arts residency in Şile Turkey was by far one of the most unexpected blessings to be wished upon my arts journey. Şile is a coastal town north east of Istanbul. Şile historically is known for Bezi cotton fabric . Eddy said she was drawn to my work as there was an enquiry in what I was doing. This was a moment when the right people come into your life at the right time.