Abot (boat) Songs

My interest in this topic of Abot (boat) songs was sparked by community dialogue with New Guinea Islands community of history relating to Melanesians that were transported by ship as indentured labourers by German trading firm Deutsche Handel-und Plantagengessellshcaft (D.H.P.G.) to work on plantations in Samoa between 1864 – 1921

Papalum Varurung – Work Together

The email, an invitation to join her for an arts residency in Şile Turkey was by far one of the most unexpected blessings to be wished upon my arts journey. Şile is a coastal town north east of Istanbul. Şile historically is known for Bezi cotton fabric . Eddy said she was drawn to my work as there was an enquiry in what I was doing. This was a moment when the right people come into your life at the right time.

Like Minded Women

It was 2:36am. I was having trouble sleeping. I did that thing of unconsciously reaching for my smartphone beside my bed and began to read through emails. There was an invitation from a curator called Christine Eyene requesting to view my video work Afrophobia created in 2007 for an exhibition she was curating in Brussels. I was wide awake now. After sending Christine the 7 min video work via dropbox she was happy to include it in the upcoming show titled Where We're At! Other voices on gender to be shown at BOZAR Bruxelle Palais Des Beaux-Arts (Centre for Fine Arts). A support letter from BOZAR and a successful travel grant application to the Australia Council for the Arts got me on a plane. I was on my way to Belgium!