In a bind

© Lisa Hilli 2015
In a bind. Inkjet print on Platine fibre rag, 760mm x 515mm. Edition of 8

Devised in 1840 the term ‘Melanesia’ signifies an island inhabited by blacks within the Pacific region.  In a bind is a photographic work, that as a starting point, utilises a concept of challenging the separation of human bodies within museum display of historical cultural objects, particularly from Melanesia. Between 1905 and 1975 Papua and New Guinea was a mandated Territory of Australia administered from Queensland. The word ‘Papua’ was adopted from Malay language by a Portuguese explorer, which refers to people with fuzzy hair. Given these historical Western terminologies of a geographical region and adopted languages, In a bind seeks to challenge the viewer between looking at a perceived artefact and the body, whilst revealing derogatory labels that are based on my cultural and physical appearance.

This concept is explored and developed further through photographic and video works; Body as artefact and Identify Me.