Social Conditioner (2015)


Sticks and stones may break my bones

But names will never hurt me.

Social Conditioner is a photographic series that explores issues regarding the artists’ personal experiences and understanding of the representation of the black (Melanesian) female body, Pacific diasporic and bi-cultural identity and the lack of culturally diverse representation within Australian and Western media.

This series of photographs aims to explore and expose the psychological impacts of social norms and labels that dictate certain beauty aesthetics upheld in Western societies and the ramifications of mono-cultural social conditioning upon individuals and communities who don’t fit into the cultural norm.

Everyday subtleties such as advertisements promoting ‘frizz-free’ hair products, to what is considered professionally acceptable for women with Afro textured hair in the workplace or the careless comments, such as ‘crazy or wild’ that are made in regard to describing afro textured hair, all surmount to social and psychological impacts that emphasise afro hair being considered unusual or an abnormality.

C-type prints (320 x 320 mm)

Embodied Spaces, Framer Framed, Tolhuistuin, Amsterdam, Netherlands 2015.
Fish Hooks and Moving Trees: Pacific Transformations in Australia, Queensland Multicultural Centre 2015 & Bundaberg Regional Art Gallery 2016