Sisterhood Lifeline

Commissioned for The Commute exhibition at Institute of Modern Art. Sisterhood Lifeline explores the visibility and invisibility of black women’s bodies in cultural institutions in Australia. Drawing from her personal and professional experiences of working in a museum, support networks with women and non-binary people of colour literally was Lisa’s sisterhood lifeline – a phrased borrowed from Areej Nur, a Melbourne based writer and media producer. Read more…

A Tinata Tuna (Tolaisphere) exhibition text, Lisa Hilli & Léuli Eshraghi

Sisterhood Lifeline 2018, latex ink on wallpaper, inkjet prints on cotton rag, office partitions, iMac, office telephone with vocal recordings, books, Post It Notes, pen, swivel chair.


The Commute, Institute of Modern Art, Brisbane 2018-19

Transits & Returns, Vancouver Art Gallery 2019-20

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Installation photography Markus Ravik and Carl Warner 2018