Lisa Hilli is a contemporary artist living in Narrm (Melbourne). Through her practice she prioritises indigenous knowledge and matrilineal systems to subvert colonial and Western histories contained within ethnographic and archival material. The representation of the black  female body and the politics of hair are ongoing themes that allow her to explore, combine and disrupt the confines of photographic and textile practices. Through gender discourses she often portrays the theme of visibility and invisibility through landscape and social environments.


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Current Projects & Exhibitions

Sisterhood Lifeline The Commute | Institute of Modern Art

Sisterhood Lifeline explores the visibility and invisibility of black women’s bodies, voices and identities  in Western cultural institutions. Influenced by her own personal experience of working within an institution for the last two years, this new body of photographic work and audio installation portrays how women and queer identifying people survive and thrive in these sterile spaces.  This work was lovingly supported and curated by Léuli Eshraghi and was commissioned for the co-curated group exhibition The Commute.

22nd September – 22nd December 2018

Institute of Modern Art



Dress Code | Museum of Brisbane

Trade beads or slave beads, were used globally by European colonists as a mechanism for the exploitation of labour and goods, they were also used by missionaries for building rapport with indigenous people of the land. Artist Lisa Hilli explores the impacts and transformative effect that trade beads had upon her own people the Gunantuna (Tolai), during a precarious and hostile era of the late 1800’s and how materiality became a language, which was understood and valued by all.  For Dress Code, Lisa will present a mixed media installation and HD audio video work, installed as part of her solo exhibition Trade & Transfomation

3rd November 2018 – 28th January 2019

Museum of Brisbane




Media & Weblinks

Artist Interview, Trade & Transformation Solo exhibition, Blak Dot Gallery


Socially Conditioned Hair Life Matters, Radio National, ABC


Misis, Social Conditoner Series 2015. © Lisa Hilli

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There is magic and energy around the gathering of artists

Author Ruth McDougall Curator, Pacific Art. Queensland Art Gallery | Gallery of Modern Art Blog 11th November 2016

Lisa Hilli installing a Midi No.1 Neighbour : Art in Papua New Guinea 1966-2016 Exhibition no. 2016.11
Queensland Art Gallery
Photograph: M.Sherwood QAGOMA ©

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Artist Talk – Lisa Hilli QAGOMA TV




1854 Museum Victoria Scholarship Recipient 2016

Dr Robin Hirst with Miss Lisa Hilli
Dr Robin Hirst with Miss Lisa Hilli 1854 student scholarship recipient. Image Source and © Museum Victoria, photographer Benjamin Heally.

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Lisa Hilli & Eddy Carrol Australian Tapestry Workshop Artist in Residence Talk

 Artist calls for community consultation when displaying culturally sensitive artefacts – ABC | Radio Australia

Radio Australia ABC

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